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Everything You Need to Know for Return-to-Office

We've tapped healthcare and benefits experts to give you the must-know tips on welcoming your employees back safely.

HR Leaders' Return-to-Office Checklist

HR Leader Return-to-Office Checklist

A step-by-step guide to welcoming folks back.

Prevent first-day-back chaos
Clear direction for happy returns.

Sensitive and sensible
Our plan takes both mental and physical health into consideration.

All your bases covered
From setting a timeline to reopening your doors.

And a checklist for your employees, too.

Returning to your office soon? Read this first.

Help them prepare
Casual reminders for a smooth transition.

Set expectations
No first-day-back surprises here.

Offer transparent guidance
Start the process on the right foot.

Employees' Return-to-Office Checklist
Now that you're back in the office, why not level up on benefits?
Get In Touch
Delta's Kelley Elliott walks us through her reopening playbook.

Learn from Delta: The Master "Return-to-Office" Plan

Delta's Managing Director of Global Rewards walks us through their reopening playbook.

Actionable guidance at scale
Best practices for any size employer.

Hot-button questions answered
Masks or no masks? Are vaccines required?

Engagement-boosting tips
Keep your teams happy during return-to-office and beyond.

Does "Return to Work" Mean "Return to Normal"?

Healthcare policy expert Dr. Marty Makary answers HR's top questions on building a science-backed return-to-office plan.

Pandemic recovery path projections
Build your timeline based on reliable data.

Workplace safety standards
Keep your teams safe with precautionary practices.

Impacts on insurance renewals & claims
Expert insights to help you plan ahead.

Healthcare policy expert Dr. Marty Makary answers HR leaders' top questions on building a science-baked return-to-office plan.

Return-to-Office Insights, At Your Fingertips

Guided by The Industry's Leading Thinkers and Builders

Nava's Healthcare & Benefits Advisory Council have been at the forefront of pandemic recovery since the outset. Now they're sharing their experience to empower HR leaders in their own return-to-office strategy.
photo of Marcus Osborne
Marcus Osborne
Senior Vice President, Walmart Health, Walmart
photo of Kelley Elliott
Kelley Elliott
Managing Director, Global Total Rewards, Delta Air Lines
photo of Dene Sparrman
Dene Sparrman
Director, Healthcare Benefits, Amazon
photo of Marcus Osborne
Dr. Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H.
Chief Medical Advisor, Nava
Johns Hopkins Surgeon & Professor of Public Health
Dr. Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H.
Chief Medical Advisor, Nava
Johns Hopkins Surgeon & Professor of Public Health
New York Times bestselling author of "The Price We Pay"
Shishir Mehrotra
Founder & CEO, Coda
TJ Parker
VP Pharmacy, Amazon; Founder & CEO of PillPack
Louis DeStefano
SVP Growth, Oscar Health
Adam Wiener
Chief Commercial Officer, Redfin
Florian Otto
Co-Founder and CEO, Cedar Health
Zach Weinburg
General Partner, Operator; Co-Founder, President, and COO of both Flatiron Health and Invite Media
Jim Messina
CEO, The Messina Group; Campaign Manager for Obama 2012, Deputy Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama

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